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oceans, feed the world,” the orga-
nization aims to help protect the
health of Mexico’s oceans resources
by implementing changes in the
country’s fisheries management sys-
tem. The application of new strate-
gies is designed to lower the number
of fish caught accidentally, replenish
declining fish stocks and encourage
Mexican authorities to do more to
protect our ocean habitats. The ulti-
mate goal of the conservation group
in Mexico is to safeguard the food
supply of our local population.
In little more than a decade,
has obtained impressive results on a
number of worldwide fronts. These
include efforts to decrease water
pollution, obtain bans on deep-sea
mining, minimize the destructive
aspects of fishing techniques such
as trawling and halt offshore oil
drilling practices that pollute water
systems and jeopardize marine life.
The organization has also cham-
pioned measures to protect endan-
gered and overfished species such as
bluefin tuna, swordfish, corals and
sea turtles.
Because of its success and a grow-
ing awareness of the importance
of ocean ecosystems and habitats,
Oceana has attracted a number of
prominent and famous supporters.
These include celebrities such as
Ted Danson (who sits on
In little more
than a decade,
Oceana has